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Full Service Home Inspection Services Starting at $335

Full Service Home Inspection Services
Your Home Resource Team, LLC offers affordable home inspection services that abide by InterNACHI Standards of Practice (SOP). During a detailed and non-invasive walkthrough inspection, we assess the home’s overall condition and look for issues with any and all visible areas and components of the building, including outbuildings on the property. Thermal imaging is performed for free as needed during the home inspection to follow up on suspected issues, such as moisture intrusion.
Buyer’s Inspection
Buying a home is a major decision that should be made only after a thorough Buyer’s Inspection. During the inspection, we uncover a home’s defects and damages while also explaining its operation and maintenance needs to potential buyers. With the information in their home inspection report, buyers can begin making wise decisions about their purchase.
After a home inspection, buyers and sellers will work together to decide what repairs the seller should make before closing. A Re-Inspection can offer additional peace of mind by ensuring that these agreements were honored fairly.
Pre-Listing Inspection
Sellers who schedule a Pre-Listing Inspection can show potential buyers that the home is move-in ready, which can result in the home spending less time on the market and a more favorable monetary situation for the seller.
11th Month Warranty Inspection
In many cases, a brand new home will be sold with a 12-month builder’s warranty which covers defects in construction. By having an 11th Month Warranty Inspection completed before the final month, new homeowners can determine which repairs to request in order to take full advantage of the warranty.
Loan Draw Inspection
We perform Loan Draw Inspections to let your lender know the specifics they need to consider when working with you on a construction or renovation project. We inspect the site to determine a timeline for the project as well as estimated expenses.

Additional Services


Radon Testing

Radon, a toxic, invisible, and odorless gas that can rise from soil into a home, can often go undetected. Exposure to this gas causes lung cancer, so professional Radon Testing with special equipment is important for your family’s safety.

Historic Properties and Historic Restoration

We have worked with historic properties for many years and understand the importance of maintaining the building’s character and charm even when updates are required. We will offer home inspections for historic properties and consultations for historic restoration projects.

HUD Consulting

HUD Consulting is required for all FHA Renovation Loans and Conventional Loans, which make it possible to borrow money for home repairs and improvements. We will meet with borrowers at the home to perform a walkthrough inspection and discuss the project to take place, including estimated project costs.

12-Months Free Consulting

After we have inspected a home, we offer our clients 12 months of free consulting. We will be available by phone to answer all of your home-related questions and will even help you find a contractor for any projects or repairs on the property.

Well Inspection

We work with a local well installation company that will come to perform a physical Well Inspection, including gallons per minute, on a property.

Lead-Based Paint Testing

Lead paint, which was commonly used in older homes and historic properties, can be dangerous to your health. We will perform a paint chip test for lead or guide you through completing the test yourself.

Indoor Air Quality Inspection

If you are worried about allergens or other environmental factors affecting the Indoor Air Quality of your new home, then we can make arrangements for inspection with a professional third party.

Water Testing

We use and drink water every day, so it is important to know that the water in a home is safe and clean. We perform Water Testing by filling a test kit and delivering it to a local lab to be tested for coliform, mineral content, and hardness.

Mold Inspection

Mold growth in the home is unsightly and can cause damage to home surfaces. We can arrange for a Mold Inspection with a professional third party.


WDO Inspection

Wood Destroying Organisms, such as termites, can cause major structural damage to a home by tunneling through wooden areas. If you are concerned about an infestation or want to take precautions, we will schedule a WDO Inspection with a professional third party.

Septic Inspection

Septic systems can’t be easily seen, but issues like cracked lines, tree root damage, or waste blockages can be the cause of costly repair needs. We can make arrangements for a Septic Inspection with a professional third party.

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